Attention: Thought Leads, Authors, Entrepreneurs and Businesses.

“At this here blog, I talk about the best engagement strategies designed to help you and your business build a thriving online community fast!” 

What specifically do I cover?

  • I talk about how to grow an empire of fans and followers through the power of video and events.
  • I talk about tools and resources that can be used to simplify your life.
  • I talk about strategies for driving traffic to your business through both Social and Search techniques.
  • Ultimately how to build your own online business and presence by tapping into your existing gifts and expertise.
Join me at Creative Live

I’m coming to Creative Live to Talk About the Power of Online Events!

What are you doing from the 3-5th of April?  I am going to be at Creative Live’s San Francisco Studio for 3 days teaching all about the power of online events/webinars and video for building a profitable business and online community. Would you like to join me? Whether you are an artist, expert, author, consultant, […]

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Online Broadcasts

How to Broadcast Your Message Out To The World

The landscape of driving in leads and traffic has changed…drastically.  It is much harder to rise above the noise with your message today…(well that is, unless you know a few key skills that will set you apart from the rest). That’s why I wanted to invite you to a training that I, along with Mr […]

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Easy Webinar Event

2014: The year of broadcasting – Replay Event with Zane and Casey

2014 is GOING to be the year of broadcasting. Getting your message out there to the world and having a mechanism for distributing that message. Every business, personal brand and corporation needs a vehicle for transparency (trust building) marketing. Broadcasting is the secret.  In this year end event with Zane Miller, I go over how […]

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Thumbnail image for Big Results Summit Brings On Matt Wolfe-WordPress and Blogging

Big Results Summit Brings On Matt Wolfe-WordPress and Blogging

Every business whether big or small has started to see Content Marketing as playing a key part in their engagement strategies for consumer communication.  With that said, having the tools for building your content hub and engine is TOTALLY crucial!   Which leads me to our guest of the Big Results Summit…Matt Wolfe.  Matt is […]

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Thumbnail image for Believe it or not…I’m walking on air!

Believe it or not…I’m walking on air!

Can you guess what show that song is from? The Greatest American Hero!( I knew you knew it) I use to love that show as a kid because he was the WORST SUPER HERO EVER!  Or was he? He would blunder around all the time, without really ever getting a hold of his flying or […]

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7 Video Engagement Strategies

7 Video Marketing Strategies to Boost Consumer Engagement

  Want to rise above the noise and fast track building a thriving and super engaged community? Clicking Here to Learn More About It. ——– Do you know how to create a video that grabs attention? Do you know how to convert attention into engagement? Unless your answer was “Yes” to both these questions, your […]

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Op2 and EWP

Custom Optimize Press 2 Registration Templates Now Integrate with Easy Webinar

This morning was a quick walk with the dog, tea with the wife and a call with a good friend of mine Jared Elvidge.  Jared is an online genius and has a very successful Internet Marketing coaching program! Anyway…Jared and I were talking about designs for Easy Webinar because i really loved Optimize Press 2 […]

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Product Creation Secrets

How to Create Your Own Info Products

We did a great Webinar with Jason Fladlien on Wednesday all about Product Creation Secrets. I remember starting out online knowing nothing of product creation, yet realizing that having my own product was going to be the best way to position myself online…not to mention make money.Since then my online products have made over a […]

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Building Your Platform

Building Your Platform-Optimize Press 2 Bonus Package

As someone who is looking to spread your message online what’s needed? Good question. Divine Intervention? A Million Dollars? Celebrity Status? Well…..those things definitely don’t hurt but…No. What you need is a platform.  What is a platform? In the old days it was a guy hopping up on a milk crate yelling ‘Gather Around’.  Well […]

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Share the Love Winners Announced

Contest Winners Announced For Video Genesis!

Wow! What an amazing response we had to the ‘Share the Love’ Contest. Many of you went out of your way by not only bringing in leads into the contest but also making Facebook posts, Twitter Tweets and YouTube videos all about it! Ok so the day has arrived to announce the winners of the […]

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